The Politics of Parachute

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The political arena in Goa is hotting up with each passing day. With the grand old party cracking and crumbling, and TMC preying on some Congress leaders, the political space has taken a new turn. The weak Congress has panicked and its top office holders are working hard to keep their flock together. The sudden landing of TMC in Goan politics has displaced almost all political players. We do have reservations on such parachute politics. Parachute politics has been perfected by the ruling BJP. It parachuted to power by robbing the mandate of the people in 2017 and cemented it by Congressizing BJP by absorbing 10 Congress MLAs. Goa does have a history of parachute politics. We saw the game of musical chairs that formed and pulled down the Governments in quick succession in the past. Yet this new form of parachute politics that we are facing today has almost deflated several players who were getting ready to ride their luck in the coming elections. Hence it is imperative that we understand what this parachute politics of TMC is doing to Goa and Goans.

The sudden coming of TMC into Goan politics has denuded the significance of all players and parties who were already on the political ground in Goa. It seems like that our Goan Politics is hit by a black hole that has squeezed out the meaning and significance that all parties tried to build over years. Players like Congress, RG and Goycho Avaz may have received the biggest hit. With money, muscle and media tilting towards the newcomer, Congress, BJP, NCP, MGP GFP etc are set to be on the receiving end too. But the opportunism exhibited by the TMC is certainly pulling it down. It is for us to understand the difference between the truth and rhetoric. The hypocrisy of a former Congress leader who joined the TMC may be is glaring into our eyes. Nisser Dias, a journalist of substance has already dissected it and exposed truths, half-truths and plain lies. It is left to us, enlightened citizens to discern and choose that which will promote the interest of Goans and Goa.

While the rhetoric of TMC, for now, makes the right noise, the fact that it is only weakening the Congress the chief opposition in Goa exposes the hollowness of its rhetoric. While it says that it wishes to fight BJP and practically fights for the vote share of Congress seem to exhibit its confusion or malicious intention. How can one dislodge BJP without denting its vote share? There is at least one thing that has been a side benefit of TMCs forced entry into Goa. It has exposed the hypocrisy as well as the arrogance of those who declared that they want to fight divisive forces but do not want to build alliances with like-minded parties. Congress who has received the biggest jolt appears to be falling in line as it is now talking of alliance. TMCs no to alliance for now is showing that it like others, the political purists is drilling holes in the warship that is said to be fighting BJP. This is why it is for us to become enlightened voters and chose the interest of Goa and Goans. For now, it does seem that Goans cannot defeat BJP without alliance. One minister of BJP has driven it home when he said that more the political players, it’s advantage BJP. This is why it appears alliance is the best way to fight the BJP. It’s is sensible to unite and fight divisive forces.

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