Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies

Cyber-attacks target our digital infrastructures and assets. The more we are dependent on digital technologies more we are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These cyber-attacks can rage from cyber wars to viruses, worms, malwares, ransom-wares etc. Cyber-attacks try to crash our machines, rob our data and money. There are several forms of computer crashing. Email-bobbing, trained attacks, virus attacks (web-attacks) etc.,...

Internet of Things: Are Converging Technologies Converging Lives?

The Internet of Things (IOT) is also called machine to machine (M2M) connectivity. It converges several technologies. It connects the physical world and the living world to the internet. This means it connects cars, buildings, machinery, appliances, medical devices, plants, animals and human bodies etc. There are several blessings of connecting things and lives with the internet. The lost...


Dreams, Determination and Deeds lead us to beautiful Destinations.

- Fr Victor Ferrao