Thinking the Disable

How are we thinking disability? Perhaps it is a good indicator of our care and concern. In fact, thinking disability can also manifest how we think power. Michel Foucault’s work opens our eyes to manner in which we think the normal and the abnormal or the disable and the healthy. Disability is mainly thought in relation to power/knowledge approaches...

Silencing Silence

Can silence show itself ? Can silence be telling like a telling smile. Silence is not an absence of noise. We can hear silence. To hear silence, we need awareness that will focus on silence. Within solitude , there is plenitude . Silence flows all around us. Silence does silence everything. We are drawn into a sense that nothing...

Between Docility and Deviancy

In the new book, Anti-Oculus by a collective named as Acid Horizon, highlights a perilous moment in the 19th century medical discourse around uncontrollable deviant youth where ability and govern-ability became indistinguishable and blurred. This ability, then ,becomes a problem of governance . Thus, set apart the one who is deemed as deviant and disable is then viewed as...


If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.

That's Big Data Analytics.

- Fr Victor Ferrao