The Community in the Coming

The coming has relation to the future. It is whatever that is in the coming. It also has relation with our desire. Whatever is coming, therefore ,is not indifferent and immaterial. The fact that it is desired, it is somewhat closed but is sufficiently open as it is not one that belongs to this set or that set , this class or that class etc. It is being-such that is coming. It is not this or that being. When we close it to this or that being we close it’s becoming and we also become closed. Closed becoming limits our belonging.

In an open becoming our belonging always remains hidden. It remains hidden in the condition of belonging. It is desired and, therefore, is lovable and worth waiting for. This love is not directed towards this or that character of whatever is coming. It is loved in its wholeness or entireness. It is love that is directed towards its own taking place. It is directed toward its own unfolding or eventing. We shall use the words taking place to describe our eventing.

This unclosed closed whatever is coming is like saying God is all in all. This statement means that God is in everything as the place where everything is. Thus, the transcendent or God is taking place of everything. Now taking place can also mean taking the place of something. it means enabling their innermost being manifest. Everything, therefore, has a divine mark. The being dog of the dog or being stone of the stone is divine. This means the taking place of things is divine.

Taking place of things keeps things/ beings in the coming. Things/ beings in the coming are in the mode of evolution. Things/ beings that are dynamic and evolving manifest the divine. There is a taking place of things proper to everything/ being . The taking place can viewed as becoming. Everything or every being has its prober becoming. The being worm of worm is proper to the worms. Besides, each singular worm has special becoming. Becoming of the worm is therefore, divine.

The divine is manifesting in everything/ being . Each thing/ being has its own thisness ( haecceity). It consist in the way it’s being is taking place. Each being has its individual thisness (haecceity) that defines it and makes it singular. But it is not totally or absolutely singular. It shares commonality with other singularities. This commonality is not sufficiently closed. If it is closed it will lead to bigotry racism, casteism, and other forms of closed communal group identities in the case of humans.

The commonality that binds everything/ being is the divine that is enabling and letting the flowering and flourishing of the taking place of things/ beings including humans. God does not close our being / becoming to a race, class or caste. Hence, before other closures humans in their naked existence are open and opened by the divine to belong to all. This belonging to all is also not closed. Human belonging to all is open and enabling. Humans therefore, can have multiple belongings.

Being human or becoming human is manifesting the divine and is opening the possibilities of multiple belongings.
We are singular plural beings whose becoming is always in the coming because we are oriented to multiple belongings ( we belong to our family, place community, religions, nations). When we close our plural belongings and singularize one them or some of them, we become blind to our openness and reduce our becoming to bigotry and narrow of ways of being-in-the-world. We miss what is proper to us. we miss communion opened by the divine that is manifesting in our becoming. Thus, challenge is to stay open to coming of our belongings as well as haecceities.

We can grow in both our belongings and our haecceities. The community as well as the singular individual is always in the coming. The opening of the community as well as the individual is divine and is good. Closing of the community and the individual ( dividual) is evil. The walls that close us have to be broken and we have stay alert to stay open. So that as individuals as well as community we can stay growing. To grow we have to be in the coming. We are the community that is in the coming. As we pass into existence or become or take place or event our being let us stay in the coming. There is more life to come and more we have to event and become. Our eventing will event our communities and also event our world and thus reveal the divine in our eventing.

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Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

- Fr Victor Ferrao