Quantum God

Is there a quantum God? If the primary act of God is the creation of the universe than we should be able to trace the image of/ signature of God in his creation. When we try to unearth an understanding of God from quantum physics, we have a possibility of manifesting God’s action in the universe. Quantum physics with...

Schroedinger’s Christ

Can quantum physics bring light into our understanding of Christology? Is there a Schroedinger’s Christ? Maybe the dogma of Chalcedon can be profoundly understood in the power of quantum physics. Maybe the new physics is offering a new language to communicate faith to humans of our time. Maybe quantum physics is one among many signs of our times that...

Quantum Physics and the Eucharist

With relativity and quantum physics, the drive towards mastery died to the mystery in science in the 20th century. Although scientists like Albert Einstein and his followers tried to shun aside the mystery dimension in Science, particularly in quantum physics, they had to submit to the mystery of reality that refuses to come under the fuller mastery of humanity....


If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.

That's Big Data Analytics.

- Fr Victor Ferrao