Contesting our Quest for a Technological Fix

Today science and technology are instruments of development and are contested territories in our society. Techo-optimists think that both science and technology can fix all ills of our society. This belief in science and technology’s ability to deliver progress is associated with right-wing politics. Right-wing politics largely focuses on the distribution of culture. This is a kind of determinism...

The Semiosis of the Dialogical Event

Love has a great role in establishing non-dominating and non-totalizing relations among human beings. Love has transformative and emancipative possibilities. Love to be emancipative cannot suppress the multiple into reductive sameness. Real love is a process of becoming different and hence it ruptures everyday life. Love, therefore, transgresses the limits of everyday life. It opens the third space to...

The God of Science

The physics of belief in God is linked to entropy. We worry about disorder in our life and hence desire order and think that God is the condition of the order. The belief in God assists humans to approach uncertainty. This reduction of belief in God to the fear of entropy places the foundation of belief and faith in...


Hate is not the first enemy of love.

Fear is! It destroys your ability to trust.

- Fr Victor Ferrao