Thinking Silence

Have we lost silence? Silence opens us to sense, think, read, write and speak. Silence stands outside our thought as well as enable us to sense it. But a loss of silence can afflict our thinking. We sense and think in silence but cannot preserve it. There is negativity at the heart of silence. We cannot fully absorb it into in our sensing, thinking and being. The paradox is once we begin to sense, think, read, speak and write. we seem to lose silence. But is it so? We lose as well as find silence. Once we begin to think, sense, write , read and speak silence absorbs us.

There is a paradox. There is aways something left unsaid in everything we say. There is always unthought in what we think. There is the unsensed in everything that we sense. There is always unread in everything that we read. There is also unwritten in everything that we write. Thus, speaking, thinking, sensing, and writing are modes of becoming silent. We can still find silence in our thinking, sensing, speaking and writing. This means, we cannot find pure or absolute silence. Absolute silence is divine. Our silence and solitude is mixed affair.

Silence does speak louder. We can hear it more loudly without words. But the paradox is silence is no longer silent . We make it speak. But when one uses the right words, silence comes into our speaking. We are never outside silence although silence appears to be the outside of our thinking and being in the world. Silence comes to us in our experience of time. The very passing of time, brings us to silence as everything is scheduled to pass away into silence. Our waiting for the arrival of the novel also draws us to silence.

Death is the other that is always on the arrival. It can be thought with the notion of differrance of Derrida where meaning stays different and is in the mode of deferral. Death is an unexperienced experience. This intimate experience is yet to come. It is not a passive passing away for us. We actively die our death. By dying we live our death. Death seems to make us completely silent to the living. Silence is the only relation we have with the dead. We are all moving to this silence. With death, we encounter and live the silence.

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Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

- Fr Victor Ferrao