ER ( Extended Reality) and the Exploding Future

Success of disruptive technologies is connected with their ability to democratise technologies. Our excess to these technologies grow by leaps and bound. They are immersive technologies that enter our lives transforming our total experience. ER or Extended Reality one of the most important disruptive technologies that is growing by the minute.

It is challenging our Mind/Body binary and seems to show that we are nothing more than bodies. This technologies enhance our embodied experience. Technology has demonitize, digitize and dephysicalize everything. Information has already gone this path. But our excess to it is still mediated and not seamlessly direct.

We have high density information and suffer cognitive load as we encounter information overload. We are information rich but face a poverty of attention. Our attention is our most valued and scarce resource and we have the challenge to use it wisely. The attention industry does everything to hook our attention.

We have reached this stage of experience of poverty of attention because we have abstracted, dephysicalize and digitized information. Immersive technologies are trying to bridge this gap. Augmented Reality,Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality driven technologies are promising to change everything while offering us to experience physicalized information.

Our classroom, workplaces, pray spaces and several other ecologies will change. We will be able to touch, feel and understand Reality contextually and not removed and abstracted form its ecosystem. These new technologies do require us to unlearn our old ways of processing, modelling and applying information. Hence, what we need for now is visioning courage to invent the future we wish to predict. We will have to embrace design thinking to live with this new phyigitized world.

These immersive technologies are going to reset our bodies. We will be accessing and handing more information. Maybe our work might become simply about gaming. We will play and enjoy the game while tje computational tasks would be performed at the other side of the spiral. Such gaming is said to be coming in the security industry. We have still question of safety as well ethics of privacy and intimate data.

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