Disruptive Technologies and their Challenges

We are facing disruptive technologies in several ways . They completely change our life. Old disruptive technologies were electricity, television, airplane etc. They completely transformed the way we lived our life . Today we are on a threshold of different disruptive technologies. Besides AI, we have several other disruptive technologies that are ready to touch our life in the coming years and we will not remain same. The way we are transformed by the advent of the smart phone, our world will change before we know by these new technologies. Lets us discuss five disruptive technologies that are knocking at our doors .

1. Extended Reality (XR)
Extended Reality is synthesizing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). In India, IIT Madras is working with Meta in this field . They are immersive technologies that bridge the digital and the physical. They are ,therefore, bridgital technologies offering us seamlessly interactive and engrossing experiences.

2. Quantum Computing (QC)
Quantum Computing is attempting to use principles of Quantum Physics to perform advance and complex computations that are not possible for classical computers. Classical computers are based on binary (0/1) logic. Quantum computers open us to multi-polar Computing (Particle entanglement in QuantumPhysics). Indian Government has lauched National Quantum Mission to harness Quantum power of Computing

3. 3D Printing
3D Printing is using digital models to manufacture three dimensional objects. 3D Printing has wide applications especially in the medical field where it offers customized dentistry and promises even to Print our heart or other internal organs . 3D Printer market is fast growing in our country.

4. 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT)
5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) are all set to transform the way we live our daily life . We can notice that India is fast accelerating its Internet speed and with growing wireless connectivity is also advacing to make the best of these two connected disruptive technologies.

5. Web 3.O
Web 3.O is a next generation Internet. It is designed to engage directly humans and devices delivering transparent and open online experiences. Its core technologies are decentralization, block-chain, privacy and security. We can find a large investment in these technologies in our country.

These technologies that we have discussed are promising a great future but since they are in the making they are still not risk free. They will deplete human capital in our work space and yet creat new jobs. Therefore we have a continuous challenge to upskill ourselves. They will also create new markets while disrupting the old ones. We have the challenge of responsible use of these technologies.

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