Strange times , strange things and the strangers

We are living in strange times in Goa. The strong fabric of the communal harmony built by Goans appears to be in danger. What is even more strange is that these disturbances are said to be socially engineered by strangers. The question is how did we make room for what has been condemned to be only a rebellion for eternity in our society? Harmony being normal and natural to Goa and Goans, it is indeed strange that our society is passing through these troubled times.

Goa is a land of exuberance. As a famous tourist destination, it is literally an exotic place of abundance. The incidents that threatened the communal harmony are literally emptying the figural that excites the imagination of the visitors and thus reduce our tourism enterprise into waste. Unfortunately, it appears that this destruction is being forced on Goa only for political control that would give a vested interest mastery over the votes of the majority community. This is why in these strange times, we Goans are challenged not to allow these forces to succeed.

Unfortunately, the Hindutva hotheads do not understand that they are building an iron prison for us all. By infesting hate and suspicion in our society, they are fast pushing us on the road to hell. A hell indeed that is a strangely deregulated condition that enacts what may be called stateless justice. The acts of protest are stateless as they are anti-constitutional. Besides, their philosophies of history are questionable and their interpretive force is criminal.

We, therefore, have the moral imperative to work to save the peace of Goa. We have the power and ability to win over these strange times. Philosophy is a decision. Hence, we have the challenge to make a decision to distance ourselves from those who are out to disturb our peace as well as positively decide to work together to grow the culture of peace and harmony in our society. Unfortunately, the forces that are out to disturb our peace are hyperactive. They work with fetisized images of our people and with people themselves. Hence it is important to put our feet firmly on the ground and live with real people.

Strange times and the strangers that our bringing disturbance that is strange to us is Goa. This is why we have to unitedly resist this strangeness and work to restore our peace. The strange things inflicted by strangers are perhaps used by a political vested interest that wishes to reap political capital out of divisions and conflicts in our society.

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Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

- Fr Victor Ferrao