Lessons From Mhadei

A river a great teacher. If one wants to learn, one can learn a world from a river. We can learn from Mhadei. Its flow has lessons for us. It has a forward movement. It moves always forward without looking back. It has always done so. Its forward thrust makes the path for everything that flows with it. It has the ocean, the Arabian sea as its destiny and there was no turning back and there cannot be turning back. It moved ahead to its destination and no one should stop its flow. While it is moved ahead, it did not forget what remained behind. It watered it all through and brought life to everything that it could touch on its path. It became a lifeline to everything that exists around it. Goans drew immensely from the flow Mhadei.

We can learn from all rivers to just keep moving in season and out of season. Life is in its flow. It cannot stop. The moment it stops it stagnates. It has to move on. River makes its own path as its move. Movement is its life. It is moving with one single intent. It is seeking its ultimate union with the ocean. It is ready to take its time. It is ready to cope with the terrain on its path. It has a single resolve to move to its final moment of salvation, its oneness with the ocean. The river tells us life is a forward movement. We are to move with the flow towards our goal. It exhorts us to enjoy every bit of the journey. The rough patches of the flow can become lessons to move forward. All that we need to do is go with the flow.

We can learn from our mother Mhadei that the path is never smooth nor it is linear or a straight line. It turns and turns but does not lose sight of its destiny. Like us, Mhadei is a traveler. It travels all through its flow. It embraces everything along its path. If it hits a hard rock. It embraces it. In time with the flow , we know that the hard rock also broke down and made way for the flow. It taught us the power of love, the power of embrace, the power of welcome. The flow was/ is never smooth. There were/are high tides and low tides. The river took/takes it all in its stride. There are those that moved/move against the flow. The fish that came/comes in search of food and nesting was/is welcome. Everything stays within the flow of the great Mhadei. She teaches us that we too are to embrace those that move against the flow of life. We can be like the river Mhadei, the mother of us all.

We have to press on with our life. Time and tide do not wait for anyone. Like the river life moves on. We do not have to hurry up but cannot lose our focus. We can gain by taking our time, by not rushing through life. Being slow does not make us losers. Let us live our life and not run through it. But we cannot hold all energy back. It is only in the forward movement that life lives on. Slow and steady like the river Mhadei life moves on. There is no resting point on the way. The final resting point is the Ocean, the moment of glory. We are moving like a Mhadei to our moment of glory.

What if someone robs this moment of glory from our very own Mhadei? What if those that matter stay silent and even preside over this ghastly tragedy? River is made to find its destiny in the ocean. Do human have the right to take any river away from its destiny? What can we learn from a river? We can certainly learn to resist. We can learn to move forward and defend the cause of Mhadei. We can learn to remain focused to our goal and take the fight to its logical end. Do everything to save the natural flow of the river. Like the river, we cannot rest until we find justice, the final destination of our Mhadei. A river embraces all other waters that flow into it all along its path. We Goans have this challenge to welcome everyone that comes to defend the cause of mother Mhadei. The Mhadei is our teacher, our mother . We cannot allow our teacher, our mother die in front of our eyes. Let’s join the struggle to save Mhadei.

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- Fr Victor Ferrao