Being a Goan at a Time of Hindutva

It is heartening to see that most socio-political and economic issues in Goa have become Goa-centric. This welcome change is a Goa-centric modus vivendi on the horizon. A vigorous Goa-centrism that we can notice around is indeed a fresh breath of life in our society. Several Goans have recognized the wounds inflicted on Goa by our own politicians, industrialists,...

Figuring Out the Figural in Goa

Although the reading habit is fast dying, we seem to have entered a reader’s world where we are habituated to read reality. This readability of reality and our enslavement to it needs explanation. Maybe we can begin with a provocative statement of Jean François Lyotard, (a French thinker) which proclaims that a text represses ‘the seen’(visible). Lyotard teaches that...


Hate is not the first enemy of love.

Fear is! It destroys your ability to trust.

- Fr Victor Ferrao