Pope Francis and the Capitalist Order

‘Capitalism is terrorism against all of humanity’ says Pope Francis. How are we to understand this unprecedented and scathing critique of capitalism from the head of the Catholic Church? His holiness names the excesses of the global capitalism as ‘the dung of the devil’.  Maybe someone might describe Pope Francis as an anti-Oedipus. He does not seem to fit...

Re-inventing Hermeneutics of Suspicion from contemporary Indian Realities

This paper has an expressed desire to re-invent hermeneutics of suspicion from contemporary Indian realities.  In order that our exercise is fruitful, we are challenged to trace the trajectory of desire in our society.  Desire was studied by psychoanalysis for some time. Lately, another mode called schizoanalysis has emerged as a profound way of understanding the trajectory of desire....

Faith, Desire and Power

Faith, desire and power intermingle and produce a dangerous cocktail today that assaults our democracy and society more than never before. We are facing an undoing of the demos and have put up a democtator and are practically living in a democtatory in the power of faith, desire and politics. The mergers of the above sacred three forces in...


If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.

That's Big Data Analytics.

- Fr Victor Ferrao