Has India hit a Modi Fatigue ?

Doubts are already emerging can someone with the political makeup, pugilist outlook, and self-aggrandising tendencies of Modi be tempted to come in the way of the peaceful transfer of power’ writes Anand. K. Sahay in the Wire. For the first time, the moral competence of the Prime Minister of India has come under suspicion. No other Prime Minister had the sword of doubt hanging on his or her shoulder. Yhaswant Sinha, Ex finance minister, in an interview declared that Modi will not leave his chair even if he is defeated. His statement has put the cat among the pigeons . The social Media is now bussing with discussions about Modi and his Chair just in case BJP loses. Fears of the final death of democracy have begun to feel real. In fact Modi is seen as running close to fulfil the long cherished dream of RSS. Dhirendra K. Jha in his article to the Caravan points out that RSS even before our independence tried to grab power in 1945. But not everyone presents a rosy time for the RSS post-June 4th 2024. Some say that with the death of constitution, Modi may finish with the RSS. This may be the reason behind the reports that are circulating saying that RSS itself is not supporting Modi in this election.

People have begun to feel that he is all set to change the constitution of India. Hence , the people seem to be out to defend the constitution. For the first time, it is glaringly visible that the power of our constitution is coming from the people of Indian and not from any God or Sengol. We ,therefore, have not degenerated into a banana republic. There still some distance to reach that misfortune. The politics of fear profusely used by the BJP has come back to haunt it. The fear of the Muslim other is getting less traction while the fear that reservations will go is leading people to make their vote into a weapon of defence of the constitution. Although, the ruling BJP apparently used all its might to prepare an unequal playfield for the Opposition, it seems to be ‘ We the people’ of the Indian constitution have come out to save the constitution and shape its destiny. When everything to make the appearance of Modi’s victory seems to be programmed with the ECI seeming partisan and the threat of manipulation of EVMs seeming pulpable, the people of India as Banu Pratap indicates are waging their silent battle against Modi juggernaut. All in all , it appears that there is a Modi fatigue in the people and in the rank and file of the BJP carders. Modi magic is fast dying .

Although the desired outcome was fleshed out with triumphalist slogan, which said ‘ is bar chear sov par’ by the BJP, the people as well as the opposition seem to have been provoked to convert their vote in a revenge. This is why we cannot trace aN enthusiastic ride of Modi towards his victory although it is not yet fully possible to dismiss him. The usual sense of euphoria is missing. He too seemed to have noticed that the people are making him run hard for his money and has abandoned his development rhetoric and taken up hate ridden politics of polarisation. Besides, his attack of Adani and Ambani, seems to have displayed his nervousness at several levels.

For the first time, the opposition is leading the narrative. Godi Media channels like Zee Network has begun to boycott live telecast of Modi and Shah’s rallies and road-shows. While there is nothing in our constitution to prevent a fool from taking the highest office in our country, yet over the years we have noticed that the power of the vote that people have become a balancing power that comes to the rescue when we have democracy in peril. Many people have said that this may be the last election. Hence, the people seem to have taken in their hands to save Indian democracy . While election bonds are doing the damage to the BJP, yet the fear that some manipulation will bring Modi back to power is refusing to die. ECI appears to be dishonest. It does not act on the hate speech our PM and his ilk. It takes its own sweet time to declare the voting percentage. When it does so, it appears that it has inflated the numbers. This is why some people seem to have lost faith in democracy. But all is not lost ! ADR has taken the ECI in the supreme Court giving us the hope that democracy in our country cannot be killed.

The good news is that people are defending the constitution. This is why PM Modi had to declare that even if Ambedkar comes back the constitution will not be abolished. In the same vein Amit Shah had to affirm that Secularism will not be abrogated from our constitution. For the first time, Ambedkarian vision of India is celebrated and defended by the thousands of people of India. The fear of the loss of the constitution does not just disturb the minorities, it has come to disturb the Hindus. This appears to be a happy development. People of India have finally come to their senses and have come out to take their destiny in their hands. Our first Prime Minister , Jawaharlal Nehru in his Book, Discovery of India had said that elections are good but they also bring out the evil side of people. While we may agree that monstrosity is unleashed in our society in the ongoing election mostly by those who seek to retain power, yet when people take democracy in their hand something of great value comes out of election. We in India seem to have arrive to this happy moment.

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