Silencing Silence

Can silence show itself ? Can silence be telling like a telling smile. Silence is not an absence of noise. We can hear silence. To hear silence, we need awareness that will focus on silence. Within solitude , there is plenitude . Silence flows all around us. Silence does silence everything. We are drawn into a sense that nothing is ultimate. Everything is passing into silence. Silence is godly. In silence, we pray and find God. We have the challenge to enter the enactment or the happening of silence. Silence is happening as well as silence happens to us. Thus, silencing of silence is eventful. Silence is creating us and our world.

Silencing of silence opens us to ourselves, our world and God in novel ways. Our openness to the world is silent. Only in silence, we can encounter ourselves, others, world and God. Silence is making us and our world. Silence stays beyond reason. It is unreason and unorder. Reason and order arises in silence. Several forms of reason and order come in and from silence. Silence touches everything and us . Silence, thus is excessive and is transgressive. Everything is folded as well as unfolded in silence. In its depths, if we can say it about silence, that silence is love. This love gives us hope in everything.

Silence takes us to the most silent areas of our existence. We sail in silence and life blooms to abundance. Silence is liminal. It keeps us on the threshold of becoming. But we need awakening to become an artist who cultures one’s life and world. We have infinite potential to unleash both from us as well as from our world. Life is eventing in silence and we can join this flow with wakeful awareness in silence. Silence is the most human way of being in the world. Silence enables us to submerge as well as transcend the order and disorder of our existential life and we can be artists who silently shape our life. That’s our challenge. We are shaped by the noisy m as market today.

Silencing of silence may remain unassessed by us and we may miss the depths life. We can get lost as we continuously plunge into the noise of life . The orders and disorders of our existence unorder silence in our life. Hence, we live disturbed and die disturbed. Silence being silentified and banished from our life takes us away from the abundance of life. But silence does not leave us. We are always enveloped in the unorder or transorder of silence. Silence never dies for us. We die in silence and with death fully live in silence. Death opens us to fullness of the silencing of silence. Silence silences us as we die and become one with silence.

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Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

- Fr Victor Ferrao