Can Congress Reverse its falling Fortunes ?

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Congress mukt Bharat  remains merely a propaganda of the BJP. If Congress mukt Bharat, becomes a reality, it will be an disadvantage for the BJP because it will lack the favourite punching bag and will not have opportunities to prey on its defects.  In the light of recent result of Assam, Kerala, West Bengal etc. , it time that Congress in Goa understands  that when it stubbornly promotes Grandpa’s  as leaders, it is giving ammunition to BJP in Goa  to attack its interest . Hence, reformation of the Congress is the need of the hour. Younger leadership might counter the trust deficient that Congress suffers in Goa. Otherwise Congress may end up becoming inadvertently or willingly the B-Team of BJP in Goa.  

We cannot rule out  the nexus of Congress and BJP because at least  both of them have stuck together to allow them to receive donations   from  foreign corporations.  This silent stitching of law with retroactive effect to legalize their illegal acts of  receiving of funds from foreign corporations has already strengthen the chains of neo-colonization which begun in the 1990s with the opening of the free market economy. It is frightening to think that what would be our plight if our Government are controlled by foreign corporations that would like to prey on our national resources and our massive market.  This and other reasons may provide credibility to the public allegations of Dr. Oscar Rebello and independent MLA  Vijai Sardessai that  local Congress leaders have their strong links with ruling BJP. 

The need of a surgery jibe of senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh after the mega defeats in Kerala and Assam may appear to be the correct reading of the writing on the wall. But what will it cut open to treat the Congress Party that is in the ICU will decide if at all Congress will revive in the near future. In Goa , it appears to be a sinking ship since the old heavy weights in the Party are unwilling to make way for the next generation.  Though, there are promises made by the top leadership, no young leaders could be spotted in the frontline of the touch march of the Congress just days ago.  Certainly the old leaders have their role and place in the party. But several of them who carry corruption tags can only taint the Congress Party and damage its electoral  prospects. 

The injection of young blood will bring new energy and the Congress may look pure without the individual stains of its old leaders. This  does not mean that the entry of youngsters will  become a dip into the Ganges. Congress will still have the stains of its collective past. Hence, it is no easy task to get the ailing party win the people’s trust.  May be even if its leadership does the Parrikar act of seeking pardon from the electorate for its past sins , it may fail to convince the people. Besides, the threat of parachuting of the same old faces as candidates has reached the nauseating levels among the local people in Goa. Hence, there is no easy road of recovery for the Congress in Goa. 

Just like the  game of cricket, we cannot write the obituary of any political player, much less of the Congress Party till the last ball is bowled.  What we have only considered with some critical attention is how Congress looks when viewed within. Things are more complex, when we view Congress vis-à-vis other political players like that of the entry of AAP and the other regional outfits, it does appear that the road ahead would be a bed of roses.  Add to that the six ex-chief ministers, and other tall old leaders with ambitions transcending the Party and what you have is game of snake and ladder played behind the back during the crucial electoral process. This is why the road to recovery for the grand old party is difficult though not impossible.

Nationally to a large extent it has already lost its vote share to the regional satraps and the low tide is does showing any sign of going away. In Goa too, it had lost last time to the independents, and new young catholic leaders fielded by the BJP. While the BJP has failed to deliver its promises and is guilty of several U-Turns and anti-people policies, Congress on its own fails to inspire the confidence of Goans . They ahead appear to inject new blood and join hands with the local parties that so that BJP does not benefit by default.  Goans wish to have a reformed Congress. Otherwise there is a danger of debunking the Grandpa’s raj like the family raj during the last elections.        

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