A New Converge of Physics and Geometry

We are at an interesting time in physics. We have seen a great relationship of mathematics with reality from the time of Pythagoras. Galileo also told us that book of nature was written in the alphabets of circles, triangles, lines etc. Johannes Kepler told us that God was a great Geometer. We are turning to geometry along side mathematics to understand physics. We begin by looking at reality as information. Thus on a two dimensional picture, we take a pixel as the smallest unit of geometric measurement say on a two dimensional screen screen like a Tv. We can thus understand the picture as complex combination of pixels.

In the three dimensional world of our experience, scientists take a tetrahedron that is a three dimensional equilateral triangle as a smallest unit of measurement . It thought as a three dimensional pixel. Each pixel can be in a very few states at any given time. But there are interrelations between the tetrahedra . One tetrahedron in a particular state decides the state of other tetrahedra. If any one tetrahedron can be in any one of few possible states in a given moment who or what is deciding its states? To determine it physicists are bringing consciousness into physics. This means physicists are moving towards a new theory of everything. Although String theory was viewed as a good candidate, it has not been so far confirmed any of its predictions . Some physicists are thinking that reality is a pixelized information. Any information is a symbolised meaning. Geometric symbol can represent themselves as well as others. A cube may represent love as well as itself.

Thus, we can say that reality is geometric. It is made of geometric information. Information is meaning. Meaning involves comparison. Say a building is viewed as not a hut. We arrive at the structural linguistics of Ferdinand Saussure. Meaning is, therefore, subjective and requires choice. Thus, the door is opened for consciousness in physics. Like structuralism, physicists use synchronic approach. Lets take the entire universe in one frozen moment like a single frame in a movie. In a movie there are twenty four frames a second. This is why we see movement. Reality does not just have planks length (length of side of the tetrahedron), it also has Planck’s time. It is 10 to the 44 times smaller than a second. Now we can imagine another frame. The next frame of the entire universe is different like the one in the movie. This means reality is in an endless feedback loop. Therefore, we cannot simply think in a single direction that past influences the future. It may well be that future influences the past and past does it to the future.

It is weird. Everything in influencing everything in backward and forward in time. This does not mean that the future is written in stone . In fact future is not deterministic. Physicists quantize reality to bring consciousness into play. Quantum theory has demonstrated that particles do not exist until they are observed. Physicists John Wheeler says that reality is information. It come into being when someone consciousness observes it . Who is this consciousness? We do not know. It could be God. But what is all mean is that reality is pixilated. Hence a geometric figure will describe a pixilated reality. There is no length shorter than Planck’s length.

We know that all the fundamental particles and forces convert into each other according to a process called gauge symmetry transformation. All of this transformation correspond to eight dimensional shape which is crystallised, and is known as E8 lattice. This 8 dimensional crystal is projected on four dimensions and we get a three dimensional quasi-crystal. In fact, we get two identical shapes of different sizes . The ratio of that number is a unique number 0.618, known as golden ratio which related to equilateral triangles. The golden ratio may be fundamental to nature. It is appearing everywhere from quantum to intergalactic scales. It is also found in a blackhole. This is important because in blackhole quantum theory and general relativity converges at their limits. Quantum mechanics is using matrix mathematics. We also see the golden ratio at the depth of quantum mechanics. This led to a development of a rigorous quantum gravity theory. It predicts the existence of golden ratio everywhere.

This findings has led some physicists to assume that there is some universal consciousness that bring the universe into being. This is because our universe of our experience is three dimensional. When we project 8 dimensional crystal on four dimensions, we get three dimensional quasi-crystal which and can be seen as kind of linguistic code. Hence, the need of consciousness. Physicists have now included consciousness into quantum theory. It could well be God . But physicists are not yet ready to admit it.

We can take the case of our body . It is made of trillions of cells. Each of these cells were a single cell that was conscious of its environment. It learned to survive by organising into colonies until it reached the form of human body and consciousness. Physics allows this organisation. It means it is the laws of physics that enable quarks and electrons to self-organize into 81 stable atoms and from there we have human consciousness. Physics, thus, will allow all energy to Converge into a single conscious system. Would that mean reality will eventually return to the divine? Physicists are cautious. The theory is nascent and needs to be confirmed on several counts. But it is full of promises because it resonates with Albert Einstein theory of gravity which is itself a geometric description of gravity.

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