It appears that the reigning BJP likes fire. It has a love of fire that is almost akin to Emperor Nero of Rome. These pyro tactics have been played in Gujrat, Delhi and now in Manipur. Lightning up fires is taught to produce votes by RSS and BJP. Now that it has tasted defeat in South India, besides, the fact that our opposition is striving to unite, we can only hope for nothing but pyropolitics played by the BJP. Even in Goa, there were attempts to light fires in Calangute and peace-loving Chinchinim as well as Rudamoll in Margao which is always on the boil.

If the third coming of Modi is going to burn our society, we do not need Modi as our PM. But unfortunately, the pyro tactics of the BJP seem to be on the increase when elections knock on the doors of our society. This is why Manoj Jha has rightly pointed out that BJP is suffering pathologically pyro-mania. Phyropolitics is refashioning Hinduism which is injecting hate within it. We are silently accepting almost apocalyptic politics that has become a big black hole that seeks to eat up every shade of the minorities. Hindutva has become a black hole that is going to eat every form of the otherness of India. This would mean India will not be the India that we know today. Such an India is also anti-Hindu. With its authoritarianism, the Government and its policies almost annihilate the will and reason of our people especially, that of our Hindu brethren.

Inflammatory speeches of mostly BJP politicians produce a semantico-discoursive field that is replete with real and metaphoric images of fire, burnings, sparks, immolations, incinerations etc. Such a pyropolitics becomes visible especially when BJP senses that its political pitch is weak. It is at this moment, that we can see that it falls back on its Hindutva politics, which they have transformed into die-hard hate politics. After a stunning Karnataka loss, we can discern how BJP and its affiliates have up the ante of divisive and hate politics. The announcement of the installation of a common civil code may be one of the pyro-tactics of the ruling BJP.

It is our challenge to discern the signs of this politics of fire and try to resist. To resist it we have to courageously understand its language and not get swayed by its inflammatory discourse. Phyropolitics remains hidden in the discourse and practices of its adherents and has to be critically discerned as residing in it. This is why we need a new language to be resist this pyropolitics of BJP otherwise, we may walk into the crafty traps laid by them. In Goa we have been choosing our unity and peace above the divisive fire of the ruling benches. We still need this unified response to resist the pyropolitics of the BJP.

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Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

- Fr Victor Ferrao