Where is the Black Money?

The fifty days of deadline of demonetisation of our monetized economy is coming to an end.  The economy being not yet significantly remonetised and situation does not show any sign of change, the scheme of demonetization appears to be domed.  The pain appears to be set to continue for a long time.  With no wind fall of black money...

The Dark Face of Demonetisation

In a time of demonetisation, we seem to have slumped into a new moral low. There are several anecdotal reports that are doing rounds that are pointing to this fact. Forced to queue up to lay our hands on the rationing of our own money, we are compelled to face the prospects of uncertainty overriding the quantity of cash...

Why Fight a Losing Battle?

We seem to be fighting a losing battle against black money. There is note bandi on the common men. The bold and the powerful among us do not seem to be affected by the cash scarcity. We can see how huge quantities of cash, all in the new denomination find its way in the hands of a few elite...


If you are not paying for the product, then you are the product.

That's Big Data Analytics.

- Fr Victor Ferrao