The Divisive Multiplication

The coloniser and his world are still living in our post-colonial times. To discern its existence, we have what we may call semiotic transposition. Transposition is practised in music whereby we are enabled to scramble and reassemble the same notes and reach a new order of the scale of music. We are similarly having a new assemblage of the colonial in the postcolonial. The postcolonial is formed in the image and likeness of the morphemes of the colonizers. The morphology sculpted from the colonial times has enfleshed indic elements and has become hybridised. The colonial morphemes have encaged indic materials. The indic material is ordered to fit the colonial moulds. This is how the imperial colonial difference is transposed into postcolonial coloniality, and we thus, perpetuated colonial modes of oppression posing as indigenous ways of being in the world.

The colonial morphemes and indic elements become an assemblage that enable the indic elite to weld power like their colonial masters. The fact that this neocolonialism hides in the mask of indic elements, it is very difficult to identify its colonial fangs. This dominion is largely achieved by converting otherness into difference, which is only a transposition of colonial differences in our times. Colonial difference was produced by forgetting the otherness of the other and transposing the other as the other of the colonizers. To come to understand this lets take an example, the otherness of women is tamed by converting women into the other of the same. This means the otherness of women is transposed as difference in relation to that of a man. The masculinity of man, therfore, becomes a bench mark of being women. Woman thus, becomes othe of the same or different man.

The colonizer transposed the otherness of the colonized people into difference by defining them in relation to them. The colonial difference produced the power of coloniaity. It is this mode of domination that transposes the otherness of the other in accordance to the order of the same is the main stay of the power and dominance of the power of the neocolonizers. Colonization has reached it completion in the colonisation of our minds that submits to the coloniality of difference that is produced and dominates us. Neocolonialism hides its teeth in the indic uniform it wears and we are unsuspectingly dragged into submission for our own exploitation.

The enthno-religious struggle that defines the otherness of its others in the orders and images of itself transposes otherness into difference in relation to itself. This difference then sets in dialectical relation that produces identity politics. The colonial divide and rule policy takes new life and exponentially multiplies in our post-colonial society. While the division multiplies, the power elite, the new master takes control of the resources of our people. Unfortunately, we are lost fighting a divisive multiplication and let the power elite have a song at his game of looting us.

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Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue.

- Fr Victor Ferrao