Mhadei and Water Sovereignty

Giving up Mhadei is giving up of our water sovereignty. We need water satyagraha to restore our water sovereignty. Scondering our water sovereignty amounts to scondering the sovereignty of Goa. Costs of the loss of water sovereignty are high for our ecology and all living brings living on the water course and resource of Mhadei. This is why our water sovereignty is a shared sovereignty. The challenge to save Mhadei , therefore, has become urgent and inevitable. There is no time to waste. we have to get our act quickly. Indeed, we have the Imperative to foster bio-happiness where humans as well living beings on the banks of Mhadei enjoy food and water security. Therefore, Mhadei is our mother and life giver and we cannot allow our mother to die. Death of our mother is our own death.

What we seems to be facing through an active corporation of our Government is our dispossension to support accumulation by a vested interest. The handing over our water sovereignty is not just limited to Mhadei issue but also the Sagar Mala project that seems to have handed our rivers to the corporates in the name of thier nationalization. What is proposed as nationalization of rivers appears nothing more than their privatization. Thus, Goans are alienated from thier own rivers and water resources and these resources are rendered into raw materials for corporates to amass wealth. This preying upon the natural resources of Goa and Goans has put Goa on the fast track of destruction.

Water is life. Water, therefore, is sovreign. Goans and Goa enjoy sovereign right over its own water resources. Today these rights are clearly trampled upon under the cover of development. The negative consequences of nationalisation of rivers as well as casinofication of Mandovi will unfold as days come by. But what is happening to Mhadei and its consequences are felt by all Goans, as well as the flora and fauna and other living beings that flourish around it. Therefore, giving up its sovereignty equals to giving up the state sovereignty of Goa. This loss also involves the loss of sovereignty of our territory as well as loss sovereinity of our people. Therefore, the river course as well as the water course of Mhadie cannot be altered.It amounts to grave violation of the sovereignty of nature as well as Goan people, taking away our self-determination .

The loss of Mahadei that we feel so deeply bursts the myth that we have a Government that is promoting the good or interest of Goa and Goans. The manner in which the state actors from Karnataka, Goa and the Centre are acting manifests that Goa and the interest of Goans is betrayed by the ruling Party which operates at all the three levels . Karnataka being set to undergo elections, the ruling party appears to have chosen to favour it because it has to offer more political capital than our tiny Goa. We cannot allow our very own Government to preside over the theft of our precious water as well as consequent ecological loss as well as loss of livelihood of our people. The diversion of water of Mhadie upstreams will prove to be a great Human and ecological disaster for both Goa as well as Karnataka.

Every river has built its natural geo-engineering over centuries. Interfering with it and effecting changes against its natural water course will be detrimental to the environment. What has been built by nature over centuries cannot be destroyed through a technological hydromodification without its consequences to environment. Humanity has harnessed the power of water for irrigation and generation of electric power but artificial diversion of the flow that too in an exact opposite direction will not be possible without paying its costs. Why Goa has to pay for the greed or even the need of Karnataka? We Goans have the call from mother Goa to save Mhadei from destruction. Come what may we cannot allow the death of Mhadie. it is a question of our sovereignty and we cannot allow it to be sold for thirty silver pieces by Judases sitting in the Government. We cannot allow an enslave Government to destroy our sovereignty.

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