The Descent into an Orgasmic Society

Our society seems to lose it organic integration and is fast becoming an orgasmic body. Orgasmic body is a libidinal body.  It is looking for the satisfaction of libido. It is thirsty and is willing to chase anything that is satisfying its thirst. What is that which is seducing us all? A divisive narrow nationalism seems to have become as intoxicating as pornography. Like an infant that sleeps into a plenum of a mother’s womb, our society is steadily sinking into a libidinicius zone that keeps exciting us.  We are set into intense periods of excitations by fixing our gaze on a sense of being a nation that is set up against a set of its own nationals. We seem to be enjoying our death drive. We are steadily becoming organs  that are attached to a body-without-organs. This body-without-organs is an imagined Hindu Nation. We are almost entangled into the energy flows of these body-without-out organs. This is why India has suddenly jumped from an organic society to an orgasmic one. Maybe the thought of Deleuze and Gauttari might assist us to understand this collective descent into a body-without-organs. 

We seem to be returning into a savage era where we the earth was plenum. It was not divided but our ancestors were attached to it as organs to a body-without-organs. In that savage society, the individual did not enter the society as a juridical person with civic rights as we are today.  Maybe we can find a parallel with such primitive societies and our reality today.  We seem to wish to slip into what is called the Hindu Rasthra where the individual will enter the  nation by being marked/ tattooed as Hindu. Thus being marked/ tattooed by religion, one is initiated into or become part of the body our society. This is why we see how some among us who seek to inscribe, eroticize, cannibalize bodies in our society.  The kinds of diktats about dress, food and even  freedoms of thought that have come to occupy a central place in our discourse are nothing but a body politic. We celebrate the body by giving pain to the body that we construe as not belonging to the body of our Nation. One who is deemed as not attached to the body of our nation is automatically considered to be attached to the body of the enemy nation. No one can become an organ without a body. Go to Pakistan is a familiar rant that we can hear day in and day out. 

It has almost become natural to think of us as an organ of a body. The individual does not exist alone. The individual is dead.  One becomes a self by belonging to the body of a nation. Everyone is  an organ of a larger body. Those that are thought to be simply organs without a body today seem to have no place. They are minorities and are attached to a body of the anti-national. No one can be a organ without a body.  No one has a choice outside the body of nation. Somehow everyone have to become organs attached to a body. It is on the different erotic zone of this meta-body that Indians today enjoy being Indians. We have become orgasmic. Public lynching, violence against the minorities, women, Dalits and tribals have become intoxicating. We have non-state actors like the gau rakshak and as well as the state actors like the anit-romeo squads that are out to discipline us. The body of the nature has to remain pure. Power has become bio-power. It is exercised over our bodies. 

 We experience ourselves as a whole but have to symbolically dismember ourselves and become one   with the meta-body. Joining the meta-body, we Indians are steadily becoming meta-men. The individual Indian has no existence outside the meta-men. By attaching ourselves to a meta-body of the nation, paradoxically we have become dismembered bodies.  Maybe, we are coming very close to the mythological sacrifice of goddess Parvathi.  Just like the different parts of the body fell on different parts of the earth. We have to becomes parts (thatdismember our totality) to become a meta-body.  Only with dismembering oneself, we become members of our nation.  dismembering is at core of our being Indians today. This is why maybe we seem to continuously dismember others to become members of the body of our nation.  This might be at the heart of a nationalism that is exclusionary and Hindu supramist.  

What could be an effective response to this loss of the individual in the crowd (nation)? How are we to delink  ourselves from this body that is attached to a religion? Secularism is a body-without-organs (meta-body). The constitution of our country has attached us to it. We do not have to dismember ourselves to belong to the body of our secular nation. The Individual stay and remain free and total Indian. Unfortunately, it appears that a dismembering form of nationalism marked by a Hindu supramists agenda has dislodged secularism. Somehow we have to revive and resuscitate the dying secularism in our country. To achieve this we will have to wage a war on the orgasmic drives of our society. The orgasmic character of our society is rooted into the neo-liberal economic policies that are being thrust upon us. More our country steps up the market fundamentalism, we will become religiously fundamentalist. There seem to be a direct proportion with market fundamentalism and religious fundamentalism. Both religious and market fundamentalism increase our orgasmic appetite. Hence, all we require is to consciously embrace ascetic detachment. Market has invaded our forms of asceticism in the name of swadehsi goods.  Therefore a critical and enlightened ascetic detachment has to be nurtured and cultivated so that we are enabled to fight our collective orgasmic drives.       

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